Alec James McCollin, born in 1971 and grew up in Wales. Moved to Denmark in 1990, educated as a "Socialpædagog" don't know what the exact equivalent is in English, but it involves working with children! Presently working at a school for children with "Challenging behaviour". I use cartoons as a part of my work with the children. I draw conflicts/problems from the childrens every day life, giving them a chance to see themselves from a distance. The cartoon strips give them an insight in themselves and the possibility for reflection and dialog. Humour is an important faktor and here the cartoons are in their element.

Characteristic heads and faces have always been a part of my drawings. In all my scribblings through the years the faces have surfaced. In the last few years I've developed them and let them come out on canvas. The paintings originate from the "crazy", "wild" and "anarchistic" feelings and thoughts that are a part of us all, or at least, I hope they are! But they are not more crazy or anarchistic than they are "caught" within the boundaries of the canvas, as we are bound to our bodies and the society we are a part of.

 I try to express a small fraction of human complexity in my paintings, the whole person includes the "ugly", "crazy" and the "unexplainable".With my angels I work more with black and white, with hope, doubt and prejudice. As with my cartoons, humour is an important element in my paintings.